September is Hispanic Heritage Month and, as we do every year, Camino Real Productions will present a series of programs on KUNM’s Radio Theater that depict the lives of members of the Latinx community and deal with such crucially important subjects as identity, war and peace, lifestyles, oppression, racism, and discrimination in various forms.

Camino Real Productions is happy to participate in

Climate Change Theatre Action 2021: Envisioning a Global Green New Deal.

What might an equitable, sustainable, decarbonized, and just society look like? What if the concept of a Green New Deal – a policy platform to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while also addressing interwoven societal problems, adopted by climate advocates worldwide – could become a reality.

We will produce and broadcast a number of short radio plays from Climate Change Theater Action 2021 on KUNM’s Radio Theater between September 19 and December 18, 2021.

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