Original Radio Plays produced by Camino Real Productions
and premiered on KUNM’s Radio Theatre:  Click on the PRX links to listen

Radio plays from the Theater from the Land of Enchantment series – Radio adaptations of live stage plays from New Mexico’s theatres produced by Camino Real Productions and broadcast on KUNM’s Radio Theatre.

  • The Politics of Hair by Lou Clark
    PRX: The Politics of Hair 
  • Curanderas by Elaine Romero (Santa Fe Playhouse)
  • Four-Wheel Drive by Joe Sackett (Theatre-in-the-Making)
  • Mitote by Maisha Baton (Out Ch’Yonda)
  • Body Burden and Woman With A Gun by Dale Dunn
    (Adobe Theatre)
  • Yellow Cab by Phil Bock (Adobe Theatre)
  • Assisted Living by Rich Rubin (Adobe Theatre)
  • Four Days in the Delta by Kristin Simpson (Tricklock Company)
  • Doña Sebastiana (Teatro Paraguas)
    PRX: Doña Sebastiana  
  • El Diablo y 40 Gallinas (The Devil and 40 Chickens) by José Garcia Davis (Teatro Nuevo México)
  • Harriet's Return by Karen Jones Meadows (On Purpose Productions/N4th Theatre)
    PRX: Harriet's Return  
  • Hip Replacement by Kerry Gildea Beck (Vortex Theatre)
    PRX: Hip Replacement 
  • Paleta Man by Alex Finlayson (Vortex Theatre)
    PRX: Paleta Man  
  • Medea by Euripides (Vortex Theatre)
  • The First Woman by Lynn Miller (The Filling Station)
    PRX: The First Woman 
  • I Was the Voice of Democracy by Brian Herrera (The Filling Station)
    PRX: I Was the Voice of Democracy 
  • ¡Gaytino!  by Dan Guerrero
    PRX: ¡Gaytino!
  • From the Chronicles of Odisia Sanchez by Monica Sanchez
    PRX: From the Chronicles of Odisia Sanchez


NM Centennial Broadcast - January 8, 2012.  

Night Over Taos: A Theatrical and Historical Journey from the Taos Revolt to Statehood.   

Click on the following links for MP3 files to listen to the broadcast.

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